Preschool Art: Melted Crayon Pictures

heart picture made of melted crayonsMy preschooler doesn’t really love art. He’s more interested in science (especially fire!) and sensory things. So when I saw these melted crayon pictures over at Helping Little Hands, I thought it would be a great way to combine art, science and texture.

All you need for this activity is some old crayons, tea lights or other candles you don’t care about, and some thick paper such as cardstock. Get some inspiration by looking at examples of pointilism, or just head over to Helping Little Hands and see their awesome crayon creations.

You will need to take the paper off your crayons. Use a paring knife to score the paper lengthwise and it is much easier to get the paper off. Separate your crayons into groups of similar colors and outline an image on the cardstock before you get started (this makes it easier for young kids to end up with something recognizable).

unwrapped and color sorted crayons for melted crayon art

Now for the fun part! Hold the flat part of your crayon next to the flame for a couple of seconds, then stamp it on the paper. It’s a good idea to start with a small piece of paper, because filling the page up takes a while. The heart picture took me about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this took more perseverance than my kid had in him that day, and his picture went unfinished.

stamping melted wax with crayons

I absolutely loved this activity and will do it again. It would be perfect for creating unique thank you cards, or in a picture on canvas as a gift.

What will you create with melted crayons?

Note: I had no problem with my 3 year old using the candles or hot wax. I made sure he knew the candle and melted wax were hot and that candles could catch paper on fire. I was there the whole time. Obviously, I do not recommend leaving your preschooler alone with fire.

  • Lena

    This is really cool, I’m gonna have to do this with my kids this summer, thank you for sharing

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