Unique Building Sets for Preschoolers

Construction sets are more than just a fun toy for preschoolers; they’re fantastic for development. Kids develop fine motor skills, creativity, and an understanding of balance and form. And there are all kinds of different building toys designed just for preschool age kids, so there’s no chance your little builder will get bored with the same old Legos. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Lego Duplos, but with so many innovative construction sets out there, it’s impossible to resist trying out a few new ones!

The best-rated, totally different, and award-winning preschool building sets:


building made with translucent magna tiles building setMagna Tiles DX building set - create buildings, cars, windows, and more

You can easily create beautiful buildings with Magna-Tiles. The translucent ones are especially beautiful on a light table or in front of a sunlit window.more info button


reptangles connected in a circleReptangles building toy on boxball made of reptangles

A winner of multiple awards, Reptangles are turtle shaped blocks that snap together. They can also flip, slide, turn, and join in more than 100 ways.more info button


helicopter made out of Tegu tinted pastel wooden blocksTegu wooden magnetic building blocks original set box of jungle colored Tegu magnetic wooden building blocks

These heirloom quality wooden blocks conceal magnets inside, so you can connect them almost any way you wish, and create almost anything you can imagine. more info button


dado squares building toy for preschoolersDado Cubes building toy for preschoolersDado planks building toy for preschoolers

It all started with the cubes – now the Dado family includes squares and planks, too, so there are even more amazing structures to create.more info button


Twig building set for preschoolers

Another multiple award winning building set from Fat Brain Toys, Twig delights with a variety of bright, simple shapes.more info button

Gears! Gears! Gears!

learning resources gears building set for preschoolerspreschool building set Gears Gears Gears moving monkeys by Learning ResourcesLearning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!  Lights and Action Building Set for preschoolers

Gears are fascinating – especially if you add lights, action, and monkeys! What preschooler could resist?more info button


frog made of wedgits building set for preschoolersDog made of translucent wedgits building set for preschoolerswedgits building toy for preschoolers

Wedgits fit together perfectly thanks to their classic geometric shapes, and there are all types of wedgits to inspire your creativity – including mini and clear sets.more info button

Why these unique construction sets make awesome gifts:

Because they’re different! You can’t find these at your local Toys R Us, so chances are pretty good the gift recepient doesn’t already have them. In fact, they probably haven’t even heard of them – so you’ll be the coolest for finding these awesome new toys.

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