New and Noteworthy: Tablets Just for Preschoolers

LeapPad Explorer Electronic Touch Tablet for PreschoolIt was only a matter of time until the kids gaming manufacturers jumped on the touchscreen tablet bandwagon. The newest gaming systems for preschoolers take kids’ favorite features from the iPad and add durability and specialized apps.

Kid’s Tablet or iPad/Kindle?

If you already own an iPad or Kindle, you might not feel the need to get another tablet. That’s totally understandable – there are loads of great apps and books on the iPad for preschoolers, and they’re much cheaper (sometimes free!) than the software for the kid’s tablets. But, even if you already have a tablet or smartphone, here are some reasons you might want a kids tablet, too.

  • You don’t like to share. If you’re trying to read a book or get some work done on your tablet, you don’t want to listen to your child begging to use it.
  • You’re worried about what they could see, find, or accidentally delete when you’re not looking. Adult tablets have adult content, and there’s always a chance your preschooler could see it. All the content on the kids tablet is appropriate
  • You’re worried your expensive tablet will get dropped, spilled on, or otherwise damaged. The kids tablets are designed to withstand the abuse.
  • You want to track your child’s learning progress. Both kids tablets give parents reports on what skills kids have mastered and what they still need to work on.
  • You want the specialized features. The new kids tablets contain some exclusive features. Read on to find out more and compare the tablets.

A closer look at each tablet:

LeapPad ExplorerLeapPad Explorer Electronic Touch Tablet for Preschoolers

List Price: $99.99
Current Price: $99.00
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Availability: Available Now
Pre-loaded: Camera with microphone and four apps (Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio, and one app of your choice)
Software: $25 for software titles
App Store: Choose from a wide selection of titles, download them to your Mac or PC, then transfer them to your device. Downloadable apps are around $8 each.more info button

LeapPad Explorer Electronic Touch Tablet for Preschool

VTech InnoTabVTech InnoTab touchscreen tablet for preschool age kids

List Price: $79.99
Current Price: $77.79
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Availability: Available Now
Pre-loaded: MP3 Player, Video Player, Art Studio, Interactive Globe, Friends List, Calculator, and Clock
Software: $25 for software titles
App Store: You can download titles over the web to your computer and then transfer them to your device, but we’re unsure of the price and selection as of yet.more info button

VTech InnoTab Electronic Touch Tablet for Preschoolers

LeapPad vs. Innotab – which tablet is for you? Some important comparisons:

  • The LeapPad has a camera and microphone. The InnoTab does not.
  • The InnoTab costs $20 less.
  • The LeapPad has considerably more on-board memory (2GB vs. 64MB for the InnoTab, although SD expansion is an option)
  • The LeapPad plays all of the older Leapster Explorer apps and cartridges.
  • The InnoTab comes with grown-up features such as a calendar, contacts, and a calculator.
  • Both tablets feature headphone jacks.
Do you want a FREE preschool tablet? Check out our giveaways section – I’ve posted links to LeapPad Explorer giveaways some weeks, plus lots of other stuff your preschoolers will love!

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