Music and Movement Activities: Yoga with Preschoolers

There are so many benefits of yoga, both physical and mental. As more and more adults, many of them parents, are practicing yoga, it is only natural they want their kids to experience this rewarding exercise. As yoga for preschoolers has become popular, there are now some terrific resources out there to help you get started. Not only do preschoolers enjoy yoga, they look absolutely adorable doing it!

Benefits of yoga for preschoolers can include:

  • better body awareness and confidence
  • deepened and more focused breathing
  • better sleep and serenity due to greater oxygen intake
  • development of healthy habits that can last a lifetime
  • stronger and more limber muscles, which prevents injuries

How to get started

The number one way to get preschoolers involved in yoga is to let them see you enjoying it. Preschoolers will treasure their exercise time if it is something you do together regularly. Remember that yoga is supposed to be a calming experience, and there is no pressure to get the moves perfect, so just relax and have fun!

Encourage preschoolers to spend a few minutes (10-15 at most) stretching and repeating simple moves, perhaps in the morning to begin your day. Bedtime is a good time to practice deep breathing and focusing on your breath.

Choose yoga movements that are age appropriate. Preschoolers often like to imitate animals or shapes – even letters! See the books, videos and online resources below for some ideas. As yoga for young kids is becoming more popular, there’s a good chance a yoga studio or gym in your area offers a class for preschool age kids.



Online Resources

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