Best Free Online Games for Preschoolers

There are a lot of free kids’ games online, but many of them are cluttered with ads, require registration, or are just awkward for young kids to play. Many more are merely product promotions with little educational value. Tired of wading through the rubble? Check out these quality sites offering free, educational games.

1. Starfall Free games at
These well-designed games are fantastic for early readers or just learning letters and sounds. All the games here are primarily for developing reading skills. Since there are 4 different levels, there is something for younger as well as older preschoolers.

2. Sesame Street Online Educational Games at
No ads and excellent selection of games for all ages. The games are designed for preschoolers and they are easy to use and to navigate. The cursor is a big yellow star, which is much easier to use for those just learning to use the mouse.

3. Kaboose Funschool
High quality free games that require quick timing and good hand-eye coordination, so may be frustrating for the youngest preschoolers. Good selection of science-themed learning games. Contains more ads than I would like, but at least the content is appropriate.

4. PBS KidsFree online games at
This is my son’s absolute favorite. Lots of great games with an easy-to-use star cursor. Features games with Sesame Street characters, Curious George, Super Why, Martha Speaks, and many more PBS favorites. There are games to develop a variety of skills, including reading, counting, sorting and more. Plus there are NO ADS!

5. Sprout OnlineFree online educational games for kids at Sprout Online
Free games for young kids featuring characters from the Sprout TV Network, including Barney, Caillou, the Wiggles, Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Kipper and more. Overall these are good games for younger preschoolers, although they’re not as high quality or easy to use as the games at Sesame Street or PBS Kids. There is a brief advertisement before each game begins.

6. Poisson RougeFree interactive kids games at Poisson Rouge
A different breed of online games, Poisson Rouge games offer no instructions, but rather allow the child to interact through mouse clicks. The interface is very intuitive and tailored to young kids. The few written instructions are in French and English. There are no ads and everything is free, but contributions are appreciated.

7. Playhouse DisneyFree online games at Playhouse Disney
Cute games featuring Disney Playhouse characters including Mickey, Handy Manny, Chuggington, Charlie and Lola, Little Einsteins and more. These games are simple and fun. Stay within the Playhouse section of the site to avoid ads.

8. Nick Jr.Free online games for kids at Nick Jr. website.
Reasonably good selection of games featuring popular Nick Jr. characters Dora, Diego, the Backyardigans, Moose and Zee and more. Not ideal for the youngest preschoolers, as the games are a little more complicated. Some games prompt your child to register with the site.

9. Aven’s CornerFree preschool games at Aven's Corner
Simple yet really attractive games for preschoolers. The most popular game is a simple bubble popping game. Your child clicks to pop the bubbles while the game counts them – it’s a great first game for younger kids, as it helps them learn how to use the mouse. The games can be expanded to fill up the whole screen.

10. Treehouse TV Free online games for kids at Treehouse TV
If you’re looking for Dora or Diego games there are lots here. The quality of the games varies wildly, but there are so many to choose from, it is likely you will find some worthwhile. Most of the games feature Nick Jr. characters. There are some banner ads.

Don’t see your favorite site for free games on the list? Spread the word – leave a comment!

  • Johnna Hasencamp

    Video games remains the king of children’s pastime.

    • Kristin

      It’s true they do love video games.

  • A Pen

    A few more suggestions (we have a 6, 4 and 2yr old :-)
    * Thomas and friends website, which also links to other characters under the HIT entertainment group, like Bob the builder and Angelina ballerina. But Thomas is the most popular in our household
    * Speaking of Thomas, lookup ‘Thomas Trains-formers’ in youtube for a very clever crossover cartoon by a really creative father. My son can spend a few minutes following many Thomas youtube clips (Need adult supervision when they start branching off to other clips and links. We use two display screens from the laptop so its very easy to keep an eye and hear what they’re viewing and playing)
    * Cbeebies – BBC’s kids channel (similar to NickJr, PBS kids and Disney Junior)
    * – primary school educational games. Beauty of this is, because most games are early version flash games, most are playable from the wii safari web browser itself. So you can play them from a wii console and some/most games are compatible with the wii controller as the mouse (I’d also just posted on the wii games for preschooler article)

    Please google the topics above for exact url/website address if interested (I don’t have the exact details off the top of my head)

  • Erinn S

    My son LOVES Starfall!! Thanks for sharing these. This is great!

    • Kristin

      Hey Erinn, we love Starfall too, in fact that’s probably my favorite on here ;)

  • Kristin

    Thanks mikerosss…..i’m just getting started here, so there is lots more to come…check back soon!

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